Tattrx (tá•triks) began as an art archive focused on contemporary tattooing and cultural movements. I'm Morgan, the editor. Tattooers are my close friends and family. After spending years in studios, they started asking for support with branding, PR, administration and studio management. That's my full time job now, and I love every minute of it.

Tattrx is not a pay-for-play instagram account. On rare occasions I'll accept money from clients to share, as part of a larger campaign. But the majority of posts are shared freely to preserve the integrity of the archive.

Tattrx supports civil rights and human rights.
We will not work with openly racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic tattooers.

Tattrx is inclusive. We work with tattooers of all backgrounds, nationalities and levels of experience. Come as you are, and let's grow together.


Why did you start Tattrx? 
I got a bad tattoo. I did my homework and saved for a year. The artist hated the idea, slapped the stencil on crooked and insulted me the whole time. I walked out so upset that I changed my entire career path, so, guess I owe him one.

Are you a tattooer? 
I'm not. I'm honored to support tattooers' brands and businesses so they can spend more time focused on what they love.

Is Tattrx also a tattoo studio? 
Nope. Email tattooers directly for appointments.

Can you help me find a tattooer near me?
Possibly. If you're making a big investment in a custom tattoo project, I can research some artists who meet your needs for a reasonable rate. Use the Contact form to inquire.

Why does your "About" discuss civil rights? 
Tattoo stories are human stories. The impact of colonialism, wartime, and racial / religious persecution on the evolution of the trade can’t be understated. These institutions shaped tattooing as we know it today, so it's vital to be knowledgable about them. 

I also encourage tattooers to include as many non-pale, non-slim body types in their portfolios whenever possible. It's not about altruism or "political correctness." Tattooing is fundamentally human, predating monotheism on every inhabited continent. If you have a body, it can be tattooed, so let's show everybody their options for tattoos.

Hey, I'm Morgan.

Hey, I'm Morgan.