I’m super grateful for Morgan’s consistent professionalism and clear communication. That support is the missing piece for any tattooer who wants to enjoy the process and live more freely.
— Brody Polinsky, UnivErse studio • Berlin
Working with Morgan was a delight. She is a great communicator, always on time, and isn’t scared of tight deadlines. She always delivers and is super talented.
— Brücius, Black Serum • San Francisco
I wanted to hire Morgan full time to be my point person for everything. She understands tattooers, and the ins-and-outs of the business. She has a great eye and progressive vision for branding with tattooers. I have yet to find anyone who gets social media and its role in tattooing as she does; she is unique because she loves tattooing and has respect for the craft and our particular needs.
— Stephanie Tamez, SAVED TATTOO • Brooklyn